After Posting A Hateful Comment

Correct. It was an ignorant, uneducated, and insulting comment.

According to your knowledge and experience, what do you usually do about people who imbue their rebuttal with disrespectful tones and trash talks? Get emotional? Bashing them back? Dismiss the argument entirely?

Should your disregard to my [other] points categorize as “ad hominem”? Is it fair, in discussion, for you to force me to use less-harsh words in describing my perception? Are you trying to control my behaviour not to [verbally] expose what I think about a certain topic? Is it always the speaker’s fault that [one of] the audience get offended by the statements?

Besides, [if you take this as a personal offense,] isn’t being offended is a mark of your own insecurity? Isn’t being offended a sign of fear that what offended you is actually true and fear that the lies you kept telling yourself will be uncovered? Isn’t being offended an indication of narcissism and overvaluing your own opinion?

So how should an educated person respond to scornful verbal abuses?

Nevertheless, I hope you’ll have the mood.


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