Humans Are Smart

So lately people have been accusing each other stupid. I want to emphasize this: No one is stupid.

We can’t blame people for being ignorant or misinformed. We don’t know what we don’t know. Humans, at any given time, will choose the best action according to their knowledge and experience.

For example:

X, an atheist, thinks that most followers of Abrah*mic religions are stupid because they base their spiritual and cosmological knowledge on a fictional being that never existed and books that are historically invalid and morally multi-interpretative.

X goes around telling people of Abrah*mic religions that their books are hoaxes, and instead of wasting time in mosques/churches people should better themselves to help other people and build civilization.

Y, a strong believer of an Abrah*mic religion, thinks that X is stupid because… how come people are not afraid of Hell? Y also thinks billions of people have believed in the (Abrah*mic) G*D and the Books so they must be true and historical/archaeological review is unnecessary. Also, if there’s no G*D, how do people separate “good” from “evil”?

Y tells people to avoid X because X will only bring evil to their life. Y also thinks that X is stupid because X chooses to be different from half the Earth’s population who believes in Abrah*mic religions and scriptures.

Z, an anthropologist-historian, understands that people need religions to feel safe about death and existential crisis. Z understands that religions—particularly, Abrah*mic ones—are made to avoid “tragedy of the commons” in the post-Sumerian Mediterranean civilization where resources are scarce and people are stealing from and killing each other without fearing the consequences.

Z thinks that X and Y are both stupid because they’re missing the point of (Abrah*mic) religions: It’s to control the masses using “appeal to authority”. It’s to create an army that fears no death. It’s to avoid poor people from being suicidal by giving promises that “everything will be better if you follow these rules, at least in the next life”, because suicidal people will make a nation collapse.

Z knows that understanding ethics is hard, thinking takes much time, and people would just rather being told what to do—and free form responsibility—instead of learning about moral-philosophy and making their own choice.

無 thinks that X, Y, and Z are stupid because nothing of their debate will matter in the long-term because we’re going to die anyway.

無 lives a life with low expectations, so it makes 無 happy every day. 無 doesn’t care about what X, Y, and Z think.

I think? I think that all of them make the best actions according to their knowledge. Hence, they are smart.

Tenang, tenang. Status ini nggak bisa dituntut UU ITE 11/2008 soalnya menggunakan karakter lain dan cerita berbingkai dalam mengekspresikan pendapat.

Juga, semua nama dan identifier dikasih sensor. Bisa aja, misalnya, G*d itu dibaca sebagai G-Dragon.

Hukum itu kocak, Guys.


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