Embracing Selfishness

Hello, I’m out of Rav for a while. Ini jauh banget lho kepelesetnya sampai ke Sly-Huff. :’) Yes, the Machiavellianistic and carefree one.

It’s common to change house under certain circumstances out of your control. During the Sly-Huff phase you’re likely to make the evilest decisions and harmful mistakes. But try to get back to your feet quickly, to keep the damage at a minimum for you and others, and not to have your soul corrupted, OK?

Being in Rav is a privilege many people don’t have. Being able to Rav requires a certain amount of comfort to be met. There are facilities I took for granted and now, that they’ve been taken away, I have to make up for.

May I join again soon, Rav.

I will miss you.

* closing the book *


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