A Healthy Dose of Hufflepuffs

We need more Hufflepuffs. Not everyone is meant to be rich or change the world in a huge way.

The world has had its Einstein’s and Elons, and will have many more, but the world needs more loving dads, nurturing mothers, passionate teachers and loving neighbors. Those don’t require money or amazing jobs, and they don’t change the world in a huge way, but they do make the world a lovelier place.

This is why we shouldn’t look down on those who are content with earning a salary and working 9-5, even though we’re Rav-Sly entrepreneurs.

Oh, but you can also be a Hufflepuff-Slytherin. Huff-Slys care about people around them and want to improve their life (Huff) and they find new and creative ways to do it (Sly).

Like Usain Bolt. To improve the economy and progress of his fellow Jamaicans, he decides to make all his ads shoots taken in Jamaica.

“Bolt believes that bringing ad agencies and shoots to Jamaica will provide jobs and money to the local community, so this is his way of giving back to the place he was brought up in.”

A healthy society consists of both workers and scholars, warriors and entrepreneurs. Balance is the key. In harmonia progressio.


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