OJK-OECD Seminar Copywriting

Jadi, bulan lalu saya bantuin temen bikin situs seminar OJK sebagai salah satu kerjaan lepas. Berhubung waktu itu bagian Topics masih nggak ada kontennya, saya bikin copywriting untuk petikan isi topiknya.

Menariknya, dari hasil riset sana-sini untuk mengisi kutipan inilah, saya jadi tahu apa yang sekarang sedang terjadi di industri Usaha Mikro, Kecil, dan Menengah di Indonesia.

  • Driving the Potential of MSMEs

For the holistic development of the economy, it is essential that the micro and small industries should co-exist with the big industries. Precisely measuring performance and detecting key bottlenecks is crucial to address issues and develop the MSME sector to its fullest capacity. In this session we are going to review MSMEs prospects and how to make the best use of them.

  • The Strategic Role of MSMEs for the Regional Economy

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector contributes to the process of economic growth, employment generation and balanced regional development. It has the potential to emerge as a strong, vibrant and globally competitive sector in the economy. Obtain the latest data on how well MSMEs strengthen the regional economy and even transcend regional boundaries in this session.

  • Financial Education for MSMEs: The Current Research

The most important metrics for a small business are those that are critical for its continued survival and sustainability: profit margins — which tells whether a business is commercially viable and profitable, and cashflow — how long the business can keep running. Capture how business around the world survive and sustain their business in this session.

  • Financial Literacy Strategies for MSMEs: Challenges and Best Practices from Around the World


Operating cash flow while maintaining profitability is probably the number one for MSMEs. What financial metrics do small and mid size businesses care about most? What are the tools that they use to proactively monitor them? This session shows you what works and what doesn’t in various global contexts, from various financial and MSME experts.

  • The Role of Government for Successful MSMEs: The Case of Indonesia

McKinsey, in a recent report, stated Indonesia was going to make it to the top 10 world economies by 2030, despite the challenges in near term. The MSME segment is expected to play a significant role in the emergence of the Indonesian economy. Gain more insights on how Indonesia’s government direct MSMEs and regulate their policies in this session.

  • The Role of Financial Industry in Supporting MSMEs

Financial industry produces utility for the MSMEs. It helps arrange a beneficial transfer of money between parties and growing the economy. From asset management to increased access to alternative investments, from loan management to sales campaign, see how the current financial industry take charge in nurturing MSMEs.

  • Beyond Financial Literacy: Improving Business Knowhow in MSMEs

One of the keys to assist MSMEs grow and become the backbone of the economy is by understanding the financial behaviour, needs, and desires of the country’s population. This session will cover how we can assist MSMEs overcome major startup obstacles.


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