On Perempuan Baper

4 days ago, I published a story on Medium, titled “Kepadamu, Perempuan Baper“. Besides training my copywriting skill and learning Medium.com formatting method, this piece was also intended to address one of our society’s problems: apathy.

This comically contradictive, logically ironic piece of monologue addresses how we tend to dismiss others’ problems as trivial, causing lack of empathy and lack of compassion, inclining to indifference towards others’ life crises.

This post-breakup introspective story tries to put readers in “aku”‘s shoes to better understand how “aku” felt during and after his breakup which was caused by a seemingly petty cause: the word “perasaan”.

Even if we DO think a problem in others’ life is trivial — probably because we have survived a similar but much harder problem — not considering his/her crisis seriously may lead to his/her perpetual depression and/or withdrawal from community.

Be more empathetic. Listen carefully; note the key words and phrases that people use. Try to view things from the other person’s point of view. Train yourself to “see” why others believe what they believe, and acknowledge it. Remember that acknowledgement does not always equal agreement. This way, you can give better emotional support and problem-solving assistance.

(Nulis-nulis sendiri, dikritik-kritik sendiri. Biarin. Namanya juga belajar.)


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