“Have you seen yourself in the mirror?”

“Have you seen yourself in the mirror?”

You are a glowing flame. A Gryffindor. A Dauntless. Your willpower and bravery is way above anyone else’s.

The monsters inside you are the most powerful, the fastest to grow, and at the same time also the hardest to control and the most dangerous. The lightning show I watched yesterday from a penthouse reminded me of you: its fingers touched anything into ashes.

Being able to focus energy can make any dream come true. You will unshakably and courageously set examples for others to follow. Yet, the desire for success also means fear of failure and anxiety from disappointing loved ones. Power paired with selfishness leads to war. Power without knowledge is mordant, corrosive. Ignorance — lack of knowledge — is the source of conflicts.

Others don’t know you, your battles, and your struggles.

Yet you let their judgments slow you down.

You’re a rare, high-grade specimen. I want to know how high you rise and how far you go in life when I tell you the secrets to manifold your energy and handle your environment.

But I need something in return: data. I want to track your progress, your past and your future. I don’t know if you can understand, but this is the simplest explanation I can give: “You’re a library from which Maya wants to learn”.

Let me touch your scales and hear your heart’s desire.

Let me study you, Dragoness.


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