On Productivity and Consumerism

“Produce More, Consume Less!”
“Fulfill Your Innate Desire to Create!”
“High Thinking, Low Living!”

Well, if there are 5 people in a room and 10 minutes to talk about any idea with no rule, how will the talking time be distributed?

It is true that, on the surface, “productivity” and “consumerism” appear to register at different ends of the moral spectrum. After all, spoiled riches and lazy beggars dedicate their life to “take and consume” while UI poets and ITB engineers dedicate their life to “give and create”.

It sounds outlandish at first to ask: “What is the difference of productivity and consumerism?” It’s even more outlandish to ask: “What’s the similarity of productivity and consumerism?” It is taken for granted that “value creators” serves as ideal model of behavior while “greedy consumers” represents the the peak of human sin.

But let me spill this: Both roles — the consumers and the producers — are two sides of the same moral coin. One cannot exist without the other.

To think that everyone in the world can be productive is an illusion.

So sit back and chillax. Enjoy others’ show. Find the ever-moving balance. Go to your friends’ gigs. Share the spotlight. Unapologetically wear Tissot and dance to Kpops. Read my book published later this year. Watch Snowpiercer (2013) and Predestination (2014). Pour the yin to your yang.

Even a more outlandish, both heartbreaking and enlightening question: If there are producers and consumers, to complete the cycle there must be “decomposers”. Somewhere in the future after you have taken the red pill, would you sacrifice yourself and don the costume of Joker/Quinn?


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