Bill and Melinda, on What “Success” Mean

This video is supposed to depict how charity, and giving to others in general, can and will make you happier. In this talk, Bill tells his ways to make sure that his wealth from Microsoft went back into society.

He’s one of the few rich who’s actually earned his wealth, instead of just exploiting or inheriting, and one of the rare few with great power who remains uncorrupted.

Yet, watching the talk, I got another great lesson from Bill and Melinda: their cooperation. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a huge project, and it takes a strong partnership, which they bond through trust and intimacy.

Work and relationship don’t have to be mutually-exclusive choices; even though you and your romantic partner are not of the same field, you can still share experience and knowledge — in layman’s terms, of course. That is why it is called “quality time”. At the end of the day, it’s the quality, not the quantity.

They also are good parents! They do not plan to make their kids spoiled. “It’s about giving them enough so that they feel like they can try anything in life but not too much that makes them feel like doing nothing”.

Thanks, you two! 🙂
(Sorry for pirating Ms Office, though.)


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