Pengaruh Bawah Sadar Tipografi

Tidak pernah habis rasa heran saya terkait besarnya niat saya dalam memberi tanggapan kepada kiriman di Facebook yang saya anggap menggugah penasaran. Ketika sebagian besar orang menganggap bahwa tanggapan untuk sebuah utas cukup sekadar “Nice sharing, <nama>!”, “Izin share ya, <nama>”, “Ih lucu ya“, dan jenis tanggapan oneliner lainnya, saya menganggap bahwa menanggapi kiriman di Facebook itu harus serius.

Seperti di kiriman Sheyka yang satu ini.

Dear friends & scientists, you don’t have to be a designer/typographer to care about fonts you’re using for your presentation & others. The world knows already that Times New Roman and other Serif fonts are the boring ones, unless they’re in your thesis (which most of us are not that interested in reading). So, if you don’t want us to get sleepy while you’re presenting, please DON’T use those fonts in presentation, posters, and casual events, okay?

Source: Lifehacks (forgot the designer/writer name, but you can just Google it)

Dan, seperti biasa, saya dengan keseriusan iseng saya, menanggapi.

For every design assigment I have worked on (like the one I embed here), I try to explore the font combination possibilites — though I restrict using more than two typefaces at a time. Now I recognise 100+ typefaces, and am friend with a few which I frequently use, namely Roboto, Aller, and Bebas Neue. (On a bit technical side, Shey, “font” differs from “typeface”).

As a front-end software engineer, I am supposed to make products that appeal to customers aesthetically. People make judgments and decisions about the products and services you provide based on the way you present them. Here, fonts do matter. They play a subtle, yet influential role in judgment and decision making. It’s like the color of the room, like the intonation of our speech, like the microexpressions on our face, touching humans’ subconsciousness. People can be affected by good typography without being actively aware of it.

I lack formal typography education, which made some of my typeface experiments disasters — I will try to catch that up by taking some online course. Nevertheless, I honor typography a lot to the point I actually “bought coffees” for some noncommercial-font creators as a token of appreciation!

Recently I observe a rise in the use of bold sans-serifs for general purpose posters in Bandung, something similar to Bebas Neue or League Gothic. Also, you may want to watch Gary Hustwit’s documentary film, “Helvetica”.

Hal lain yang membuat saya heran adalah hobi saya untuk menyalin komentar panjang saya ke WordPress ketimbang membiarkannya di Facebook.

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