Symbian Lives On Forever

O’ Queen Symbian!

This is what every true Nokian feels now.

King Nokia married you in 1997 and you two lived a felicitous life, were adored by all in the Kingdom. Your beauty, trust, humbleness, touched all souls. You are the First Lady, were with the hearts and hands of the rich and poor. You worked hard to bring name to the King always. And so truthful you were always. All your off-springs, so smart and distinct they were, were adored by all people.

Of late inspite of your ageing, you did carry well but were suddenly looked down after the King lost angelic battles with Apple and Google. Still, you went on to bring out the best, last warrior of all your off-springs, the 808 Pureview, who had no equal in the rival camp. They were panicked. You even once suggested him to officially marry your gorgeous and courageous sister MeeGO to bring forth princes to save Kingdom, but he failed to listen. The illegitimate N9 born of him with MeeGo was unparalleled that he struck fear in the rival camp.

But King didn’t send him to war but chose to deport him.

But the King felt so low that he erred by not listening to you.

You cried, shed tears, and here you are—officially forbidden by the King who married the old lady Windows from neighbour kingdom to take on the rivals. My heart goes on and on for you. You remain in our hearts, if not in our masterpiece: Prince 808.

We are as truthful as you are that we are chosen to support ’till you live. Your last wish was to defend for the King. Here we take oath that we will do so!

A decade of my life has been wondrous and equanimous under your hand. I made some armory and weapon for one of your offsprings, C7-00.


My wish is that I could make some more.

Long live Queen Symbian!


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