Bridging The Mon: View From a Fan of Both

I am to speak on behalf of both Pokémon and Digimon, subjectively. 😀

First of all, Pokémon is good as a manga and as a video game series, while the Pokémon anime is as good as crap. As for Digimon, it’s good as a manga and the anime rules, not to mention that the games are not so bad either, though Pokémon managed to be more successful in that department.

For the people that say that Digimon is a copy of Pokémon or vice-versa, no, it’s not. Pokémon came out as video game in 96, and Digimon was released in 97. However, we could definitely say that Digimon was a copy of the Tamagotchi, as the first Digimon product was called Virtual D-Pet and was pretty much the same. Below is the first original gameplay of Pokémon.

As for the main stories, they’re nothing alike.

Pokémon: Kid travels the world, sets goal of catching creatures inside pokéballs, defeats criminal organization, becomes regional league champion. Then, travel to another region and repeat the same process.

Digimon: Kids are warped to a digital dimension where physics and logic works differently. Kids do not choose a creature as partner, it’s the opposite. They bond with it and train it, and that’s it. They don’t capture more, for that’s not the kids’ goal – their goal is to save a world where digital files and programs have gained conscience and will to live, from viruses and dark programs that have pretty much the same will to live, but have added to themselves the desire to conquer and destroy.

”Pokemon” has achieved its hit status in appropriately Zen-like fashion: without displays of bloodshed or weaponry, or even sophisticated animation.

So Why Are Digimon Are Like Weapon-stuffed Animal?

Yes, this is one of the mons with plenty of weapons. matoroinika@deviantart

That’s just the design of one of the Digimon. Metalgururumon and Wargreymon both have war machine kind of designs to them. Saying that putting a bunch of weapons on digimon as an argument for unoriginality is a little weak when a lot of other digimon aren’t so heavily weaponized. Take Ophanimon, Beelzemon, Chrysalimon, and Sakuyamon. An angel, a demon, a chrysalis (cocoon), and a priestess. You can’t accuse digimon for being unoriginal.

The digimon with many weapons such as missiles, laser, and rocket actually only android or cyborg digimon that have most of it. Oh and maybe you’re right that Xros‘ digimon have too much of unused weaponry, i admit it. I agree that the Pokemon games are more prominent, but they aren’t the most original either. Every new pokemon game is a reboot or variation of the games behind it with the same premise behind all of them. They’re fun, sure, but lack innovation.

The Digimon games I feel are overlooked. Much like the Digimon anime compared to the Pokemon anime, the storylines in the Digimon World Adventure games are much deeper than the Pokemon story lines. As well, the gameplay was fun, and it was rewarding to watch your Digimon Digivolve.

I’m not saying that Digimon are far superior than Pokemon, but I prefer the Digimon franchise, however small the popularity it has gained through the years. I hope you’ll give some of my point some thought. I’m a fan of both franchises, but I must admit that when it comes to plot, Digimon is much more complex and has more plot development than Pokémon.

Also, last Saturday I went to Natamorta and found this paperwork:




One thought on “Bridging The Mon: View From a Fan of Both”

  1. The complex plot made Digimon not as popular as Pokemon (too lazy to write the e with apostrophe). Complex plot is more suited for older audience and cute fantasy animals are more suited for younger audience. Not to mention Digimon is more violent looking with their weapons than Pokemon in which will add to older audience preferences.

    Young adults will enjoy their setting more. Youngs adults setting could involve high school or university period of time with “chase your dream” plot with a dose of love.

    Pokemon with cute fantasy animals and simple plot hits children bull’s eye. Yeah, I agree Pokemon games are with so little to no innovations. Their recent games is pretty much the same. Catch Pokemons, beat gym leaders, rinse and repeat. They fulfill the market demands and Digimon only fulfill their fans demands.

    Me? I’m a Digimon fan 😀
    The paperwork is amazing 😀

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