When You’re Dragged Into Debate

Somewhere in your life, either it’s on your golden age or in alternate universe, there’s a chance that you will get dragged into a strong black-and-white discussion that “forces” you to take side. You don’t always want to take side. So, here’s a template for you to use when someone tag you after that BUUURN comment on a 2-metres-long Facebook thread.

My answer will abruptly bring this discussion to the grey area, to the point where offending and defending will not be relevant anymore. Whereas, it is seem that both sides of arguer still have time to spare and get pleasure from this discussion.


I wish not to disturb others’ enjoyment, because this is may be the only form of entertainment they can find on the virtual space. For everyone else who took the effort to read my comment and were dissapointed to find this is inconclusionary, please pardon me. Here, a link, as my token of apology. [LINK]

The link may be of any interesting topic of your choice.


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