Ngiklanin Roti Gempol: Seminggu Menjadi Periset Pasar

Singkat cerita, sudah setengah semester saya ngikutin salah satu kuliah SBM ITB: Bisnis Periklanan. Salah satu alasan saya mengikuti kuliah ini adalah karena saya sadar bahwa saya termasuk orang dengan tampang dan kualitas pasaran; jadi, harus pintar-pintar memasarkan diri supaya mendapat jangkauan pasar yang kuat.

Di kuliah ini, kami mendapat tugas mencari sebuah bisnis untuk diiklankan. Setelah pencarian panjang, akhirnya saya dan 7 orang anggota kelompok lainnya menemukan Roti Gempol, sebuah toko roti dari masa lalu.

Di tugas besar ini, kedelapan orang yang ada masing-masing memiliki peran yang berbeda, yaitu:

1. Art Director
Responsible for producing innovative and creative visual communication ideas for advertising campaigns in all kinds of media.
2. Copywriter
Responsible for working alongside an art director to form a ‘creative team’ and producing the words to go with the visuals created by the art director
3. Account Executive
Responsible for liaising between the client and other agency staff to coordinate advertising campaigns and managing administrative and campaign work, ensuring that this is all completed on time and on budget.
4. Media Planner
Responsible for developing media strategy, as well as making decision for the best form, best time and the most suitable media placement.
5.  Account Planner
Responsible for combining market data, qualitative research and product knowledge within a core proposition to enable the creative team to produce advertising ideas that resolve defined business problems.
6.  Traffic Department
Responsible for setting deadlines, schedule and administration documents for advertising personnel as well as checking on the accuracy of each ad before it appears in public.
7. Production (this position can be occupied by more than 1 person)
Responsible for directing and executing all tasks in advertising technical productions, such as shooting, editing, printing etc.

Kata Mbak Ilma Aulia, asisten-dosennya Pak Herry, sebagai anak teknik, harusnya saya bisa mendapatkan dan mengolah data dengan lebih baik dan teliti. Ada benarnya. Sebagai anak informatika, saya lebih berpengalaman dalam mengumpulkan informasi.

Langkah pertama yang dilakukan untuk mendapatkan informasi perilaku konsumen: survei langsung ke konsumen. Berikut adalah angket yang saya berikan:

Setelah dapetin data dan wawancara sana-sini, rekap angka dan mengkaji hasil seharian nongkrong di Roti Gempol, akhirnya kesimpulan inilah yang saya dapat:

(Gila, gw senyam-senyum sendiri sama kosakata bahasa Inggris gw setelah baca hasil analisis ini. Vocabulary level: editor in chief!)

Roti Gempol is a classic local bakery serving the out-of-sight neighborhood of Gempol, Bandung. Yet, frequenters come from every region of Bandung and, even, Indonesia to taste the bread. A loaf of their specialty, wheat bread, will only cost you Rp 8.000,00, but you will talk about it for the next two days or at least until you go back for another. Since 1958, Roti Gempol has been run as a family business and keeping their exceptional savory recipe as it was 50 years ago.


Strengths – Roti Gempol has been there since 1959, one of the oldest culinary house in Bandung. Its loyal consumers and never-changing savor enable Roti Gempol to run until today and widely known as a heritage site in Bandung. Nice, well-trained staffs (who are in fact the family members themselves) always give warm greetings.

Weaknesses – Roti Gempol occupies only a 4m x 6m cramped room, with only 16 available seats. Its “hidden” location is hard to reach by cars and there is no signboard visible from the main road whatsoever to point at the place.

Opportunities – A vast amount of tourists who come to Bandung like to take a sample of historic, legendary piece of bread.

Threats – The breads are home-baked, making it’s hard to mass-produce their product. Competitors specializing at brownies, most of which are located on Bandung’s main road, start to develop business.

Marketing Mix

Product – Most customers will opt for the specialty: sandwich with beef, cheese, and egg. Simple and classic. Warm, chewy, and buttery. Baked to just the right amount of crunchiness and crispness.

Price – Affordable, even by students. Slightly below the average cost of snacks in Bandung.

Place – Open from 6 am to 9 pm, this small restaurant is partially out-of-sight, making it a right hideaway place for 2-hours retreat.


Roti Gempol advertises using word of mouth. Until today, they never use any means of advertisement. Several times, they are featured on TV’s culinary show.

Competitor Analysis

Roti Gempol is the only bakery in Bandung that preserve the classic taste of homemade bread. Other modern competitors, mostly from 90’s or early 2000, tend to specialize at modern cakes such as brownies and cupcakes. Competitors also usually settle in a large place near main road. Considering these variables, Roti Gempol has no apple-to-apple competitor.

Customer Behaviour

An interview and a quick customer survey have been conducted. More than a half of Roti Gempol’s customers are of loyal families and elderlies who recommend the place to their children and grandchildren.

Costumers visiting times spread quite evenly through hours, though the curve slightly rise at around 11 am, when the bread are still warm, fresh from the oven. Elderlies frequently takeaway their order, whereas youngsters prefer to come together with friends to sit down to chat, read, or simply enjoy the atmosphere.


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