40 Kegunaan Batu Bata

Yesterday I got a challenge to demonstrate my creativity. Here’s the challenge: in 30 minutes, think 40 uses of brick, other than building house. I came up with this list.

  1. Make it into Lady Gaga’s next costume.
  2. Take a picture of it. Sell to stock-image sites.
  3. Chain two concrete bricks altogether to make a nunchuck.
  4. Propel it as a projectile with a strong slingshot.
  5. Draw some image on both surfaces. Yu-Gi-Oh deck! (I prefer Digimon Card Battle, though.)
  6. Use it as an object for some kind of telekinetic training.
  7. Glue them together to make a Tetris monumental on the front yard.
  8. Paperweight. Wrap with paper first, for convenience.
  9. Bring one to a karate teacher and challenge him/her to break it with bare hand.
  10. Quest to collect one brick from each and every country in the world.
  11. Who needs UNO if you have bricks?
  12. Make a fireplace on a camping site.
  13. Give it as a birthday present.
  14. Bricks + duct tape = wrist weights. Biceps!
  15. Try to sell at higher price. Buy another. Repeat.
  16. Use as your house name sign, Dr. Brickstone.
  17. Use as foothold when repairing electric cables.
  18. Nail something. Carefully.
  19. Use as foothold for one-foot balance training. One brick has 3 levels.
  20. Paint a happy face on it. Bring to bed. Now you’re not alone.
  21. Cut into small logs. Write on blackboard. (If made of white chalk.)
  22. Prove the philosophy on book “Long Term Water Drops Can Break A Rock” by Yan Mengzhao.
  23. Make a throne. Imitate the throne pose in Game of Thrones.
  24. Use as bath sponge to deal with naughty children.
  25. Break into two. Give the other half to the one you love the most.
  26. (If you’re a teacher.) Ask your students to list 40 uses of bricks.
  27. (If made of clay.) The binding effect of clay would cause it to absorb toxins in your body. Eat it.
  28. Stack as many bricks as possible within 30 seconds.
  29. Hot air balloon sandbag replacement.
  30. Hardcore football team training device.
  31. Setup a 1000-Bricks Domino Effect. Upload to YouTube. Gain fame.
  32. Pretend its a wardrobe for your cousin’s Barbie set.
  33. Shape the upper half into chesspieces’ figure. Play chess.
  34. Donate to non-profit home improvement stores that accept building material. God will bless you.
  35. I’ll tell the other 6 spectacular uses personally to you, if you treat me a lunch.

I don’t really understand why Gaga’s costume is the first thing that came to my mind. Probably because there are some of her song in my playlist, which taciturnly speak into my mind. About #27, I remember how my highschool mate eat brick, literally, and explain that it’s safe in moderate amount. About #6, I mean Jedi training.


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