Windows Sticky Notes, My Task Manager

I’ve been around with Evernote for awhile for managing my daily tasks. But now, I’ve evolved my Sticky Notes into a handy task manager.

Here’s how it works:

:: 1st Column – Leftmost side – Daily Task
As you can see, it’s not time-bound. For several weeks I’ve written like, 12 pm do this… 1 pm do that and that… only to realize there were so many distractions that made me unable to catch up with the time limit.

The best thing about a to-do-list is the accomplishment feeling when you strike out one item after another in your list. Since Sticky Notes list items cannot be striken out, I use superscript (Ctrl + +) instead to mark what I’ve done.

:: 2nd Column
Breaking down (if needed) of every first column’s item. Say, if the first column has item X, the second column will have item X1, X2, X3, and so on.

:: 3rd Column
All-time to-do-list. You know, those side-projects you always don’t have time to do daily. But sometimes you will finish your regular task earlier, and you will have time to pick one item from this column and put it on the 1st column.

:: 4th Column
Basically a scratchpad. A pastebin. A random note. You can put anything here, from tweet inspiration to temporary password.

Duh, but I’m not closed to the possibility that I will use another task manager.


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