Newsletter Production Management

It’s been awhile since my post is in English. For these two weeks, I’m in charge of LPMI’s bulletin production. This bulletin is the first issue, as a apiritual successor of the previous newsletter under the name Lemper Enak.

Halaman Lansai
Me designing Lansai, using my oh-so-cool CorelDRAW X6. CorelDRAW has been my favorite and only image editing software since 3-4 years ago.

I’m planning on making a guideline how to manage the production, from the beginning to the end, of a bulletin. PMK ITB’s newsletter, Sangkakala, currently has no guidelines of this kind. That’s why the way Sangkakala CEOs making it is a bit messy, unstructured.

Firstly, the contributors send me the bunch of .doc files. That time, there was no idea how we should arrange the page nor how much space is needed. Applying what I learned in my major, software engineering, I try to do the design on an iterative way.

Like most softwares, I had planned release 4 beta patches for this bulletin, each beta has better design and content management:

Beta 1:

What I did on this first release was arranging the pages, which article would show up first, followed by which. Considering that there will be space for ads (amen), I approximate how many pages an article would take. I also set several gray rectangles for image placeholder. It’s not good for a bulletin to have its entire content as mere text.

Beta 2:

More placeholders. At this point I realize that, image placement plays a big role in your page layout. You can always fill the negative white space with images, no matter how short the paragraph content itself.

Beta 3:

– Bikin daftar redaksi
– Nyari foto buat halaman “SLT 1”, “SLT 2”, “SLT 3”, “Pengabaran”, “Thiners”, “TEF”, “Misi dan Doa”, “Famous”, “Programmer”, dan “Networking”,
– Desain “Tetelestai”, “Kepemimpinan Oraganik”, “Cerita Sampul”, dan “MOIA”
– Nambahin artikel buat “Inset MOIA” dan “Alkitab Elektronik”
– Konsultasi ama tim penulis, mastiin konten udah cocok atau belum

Beta 4:

– Uji tata bahasa, estetika, dan koherensi semua artikel
– Tambahin nomor halaman
– Kalo ada iklan, masukin iklannya
– Poles desain terakhir

Like all kind of engineering, there’s always 4 steps to design a product, which are:

  1. Requirement analysis
  2. Design
  3. Implementation
  4. Test and verification

On my managing this first issue, I realised that, hey, those steps also apply to bulletins! See my next post for my further thought on this.


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