Bumi Ganesha Learning Club

In my dormitory, we used to hold “Bumi Ganesha Learning Club” meeting, twice a month. In this meeting, any tenant is allowed and encouraged to present their own knowledges and skills.

In BGLC, the topics studied are widely various. For example, a tenant from electrical engineering would explain how touchscreen technology works; a tenant from Menwa would show the basic jungle survival knowledge (e.g. you can safely eat tree bark, ant is high of protein); a tenant who is a karateka simply teach several strong, agile, anti-robbery moves targetting critical human body points.

The best thing from this meeting is that each and every other meeting participant could add information, regarding to the one which is studied, seen from their point of view.

For example, after one has explained about the touchscreen technology, one from SBM would add informations about Corning, a 200-yo American glass company best known for their scratch-resistant Gorilla glass, and the strategic economical reason behind why Apple asked a Chinese manufacturer—not Corning—to build the glass for iPhones and iPads.

Another example: a biology student would add biological explanation after the karateka’s moves. The move practiced by the karateka, which strongly punch one’s nape, is technically targetting horizontal-semicircular-canal which controls human body balance. With lymph transferring through the canal, it can sense the movement of your body. While being hit heavily, the canal would be disordered, thus creating a great motion-sickness feeling that makes the robber temporarily unable to stand nor shout without risking the robber’s life.

This kind of sharing actually make us all know each other better. We also know the mapping of skill and abilities of all tenants. I hope this kind of sharing could be passed down for years! 😀


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