Diakonia PMK

ITB has one Christian student fellowship under the name of PMK ITB. I’m not going to write a long, 2000 px height post of it. I’m just going to zoom into another commission (a special group delegated to consider some matter) within.

It’s Diakonia.

It was 1997, just the year when Indonesians suffered from great monetary crisis. Many ITB students resigned due to their inability to pay the fee. Some even didn’t have any savings to go home. Some were ashamed to return to their hometown, decided to stay in Bandung and try to get lowly jobs.

Several Christian lecturers and students realised this matter would bring more resignee upon the next years. They then focus their attention on how to stop this loop. Not long, Diakonia was established under direct surveillance of the founding lecturers who was also doubled as donors.

In short, Diakonia PMK ITB has been an aid body for whomever Christian student in ITB in need of financial support. Considering how many students came from country-sides and from a wide span of financial background, I suppose this Diakonia had taken a great effort in managing the monetary and administration, not to mention their goodwill breakthrough and love-based movement.

15 Years Later

I was chosen to be a pengurus. (In Indonesian, we distinguish kepengurusan—a one year committeefrom kepanitiaan, which is a committee built to handle one specific, short term event, like Christmas or Easter). I had experience serving at least 5 kepanitiaan of PMK ITB. Besides, I’ve been a faithful executive member of media team in PMK ITB. You may say I’m a veteran who have not yet leave the battlefield. When I was called to minister here, I thought it will just be like the other committees…

…but it turned out that this one is different.

It has been a semester since I minister in Diakonia as a public relation agent. None but public relation agents may reveal their identity as a Diakonia committeeman. Why this financial aid is treated as a top secret commission bugs my mind sometimes.  Uh… But let’s not take up this topic further.

Endless Love

Here is a little story about paying forward. Those who got Diakonia aid back in 90’s, survived college life without Google and Wikipedia, and at last made it in life return what they got. They became the donors themselves.

Normally I would not be touched by this kind of story; there are things more touching than this. Nevertheless, the fact that I’m experiencing this myself do its part for my soaked lachryma. This Diakonia really is a true form of love. As a public relation, I curate the Diakonia blog, thus have to maintain the content. Upon reading the recipients’ testimonies, I can understand how blissful it is not to worrying your tomorrow, for Christ has guaranteed your life from the very beginning. Damn… Even I’m now cyring while writing this.

This Diakonia is truly a great legacy.

My successors, and whoever searches the term “diakonia pmk itb”, I’m glad you’re reading this now. Do your best for Diakonia. Give more affection to the recipients you’re taking care of. Send Sangkakala to each and every donor to their door everytime it’s printed out. Talk more with your Diakonia team.

We, committemen from 2011, entrust Diakonia to you 🙂 Do not let this circle of love and hope end.


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