Yesterday I was sick. My body temperature rose and there were dragonflies (instead of butterflies) on my stomach. It hurt. I’ve thought that someday, due to my excessive intense activity, I would be fallen sick like this. And I was right. Yesterday I broke my resistance point: sleepless for nearly 40 hours, mind-tiring kind of activity (that would be studying), too much caffeine, and the anxiety of not being able to accomplish all my tasks within the time given, and lack of fun.
I name this state: ‘overload’.
We suffer from overload when demands we are faced with become excessive to the point where our stress response is aroused.
Time management
Most of us often faced with time pressures and deadlines which induce stress. Much of this stress can be controlled by effective time mangement.
Learning to say ‘no’
Often we create our own oerloaded stress by doing too much in a short time. By comitting ourselves to do doo many things in a short time, whether we do them for friendship, monetary compensation or other rewards, past a certain point we sacrifice our health. That is the time to say ‘no’. In order to avoid possible dissatisfication, it’s best to follow the ‘no’ with an assertive explanation and an alternative proposal. It is important to remember that our first obligation is to our health!
A sick man can do nothing. I’ve come to realize that point 🙂 Thanks PiG for the hospitality yesterday. From now on I will manage my time smarter than ever.

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