Last night, two foreigners came to my dorm, Asrama Bumi Ganesha. They planned to stay on the next room. After our small talk, I learned that they are both NTU students that were here to vacate.

Paul and Hubart, taking computer science and bioengineering respectively, are backpackers—those who spend their vacation on a low-cost, independent international travel. Backpackers often prefer the feel of the journey to the vacation place itself.

I talked quite a lot with them. I then know that they were able to find this cheap dorm (only IDR 10.000/person night!) from this site. A tenant of my dorm, Sufi, is also a member of that site. On that site, backpackers from around the world are able to exchange stories about trip, vacation places, cheap hostels, cuisines, and culture.

Nice. Travelling for cheapskates. 😀

I continued talking with Paul while Hubart fell asleep due to extreme fatigue. “The climate here is too much to adaptate quickly,” Paul said. True. I remember how I cannot sleep in the first days I was on Bandung.

Then we talked about Indonesian cuisine. Fortunately I had some brem left. I gave Paul some. “This tastes strange…in a way I will not be able to describe. But I like this grub.”

Yes. Brem tastes like a condensed piss at first. But eventually you’ll get used to it. ^^ I myself am a loyal admirer of brem.

They were planning to stay for another two days. Jogja is their next destination. It was nice talking to them. And… I’m thinking of backpacking right now. Anybody here would join me?


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