Orison Vigil

There are four kinds of answer for each of our prayer: yes, no, wait, and are you kidding? What do we have to know first is that God has a sweet plan for our life. John Constantine had to die twice to know that. (Haha… You watched it?) But, in the middle of the plan, man get so impatient and try to walk a shortcut. Man ask God to change the plan, without him even knowing the whole plan, the big picture.

For Christians, prayer is a way to strengthen the bond between man and God. It’s the place to confess faults, praise and worship, ask, and hear His voice. “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful,” written on the letters to Colossians.

But, look, the meaning of prayer has now been degraded. People, even the religious one, fall into greed and, in turn, channel their greed to God. What men usually ask of God when they pray is that one and one not make two. Man mistake God is willing to give everything we ask. That’s not the way prayer works. What’s God’s answer is regardless to how many so-called-virtues we do, it depends entirely on His plan whether our prayer should be answered or not.

Prayer should be made regularly, not only before meal, but also before doing everything, even when choosing a birthday present for your friend. Prayer also should not be only containing request, but also has report—a gratitude for every blessings we have, how is life, and every problem that burdens. That way, we can see God not as a place only to ask, but as a Father and a Friend who accompany us living the life.

There is even a stronger way to strengthen the bond: orison vigil. Okaaaay, I made that term. There’s no orison vigil on Google. Orison is the archaic diction of prayer and vigil is a sleepless activity done to meditate, observe, or watch. Just because of the coolness I use the term orison vigil.

Orison vigil is a set of activity done in a night devoted to communicate and having a better relationship with God. OV is also held when one has a really stressful problem or wants to consult for a life-changing act. OV, different from daily basis prayer, has to be heartfelt. To further build the divine relationship, finding true answer for your requests, and walk according to His plan, do some orison vigil. Not that orison vigil is the quickest nor the most correct way to know God, but it is one of the way most recommended. So, for me, orison vigil should be done once in a while.

And so, I’m having orison vigil these days.


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